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This poem tries to look at events taking place currently in the world from the pespective of spirituality.

Poem: The revolution of the mind


Many have taken to the streets

To pour their frustration

On the banner of hope

Many have taken to the streets

To frustrate the efforts of others

Bringing hopelessness to the streets of life

It’s not a fight about ideologies

This time it’s a fight about reality

Some are holding placards

Denouncing the truth

Choosing the path of lies and untruths

Weaving a path of destruction

In life, it’s common to forget who we are

Denouncing our spirituality

Attaching ourselves to our man-made identities

Some feel safe and secure in these identities

Others are totally disgusted by these man-made identities

Like a sword that wanted the colour of its sheath

Abandoning the sharpness of its being

We are driven to our corners

By these artificial demarcations

Deep inside the self

Everyone is feeling pain

Everyone wants change

But the question is

Which way? Which path?

Let’s not allow selfishness to guide our decisions

Only true consciousness can illuminate our path

Let not logic be our light

Let us follow the path of Light

Yes, it’s not unusual to look back

And find comfort in the past

It’s true, we all want a secure and safe future

But not one erected on the pedestal of hate

We want the future that is clothed in happiness

The revolution of the mind is a painful process

Let’s be patient with each other

As we struggle with our own consciousness

It’s a gigantic task

To bend the fibre of knowing

And allow yourself to be vulnerable

But it’s not an impossible task

To look at your neighbour

And embrace your humanity

Not out of sadistic tendencies

But out of wisdom

It’s now or never

That mankind will find a new path

Humanity will prevail

The truth will shine

Our hope restored

Our faith strengthened

Our Love will flow again


© Kenneth Maswabi





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