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This poem opens the path to the heart.

Poem: The rise of Spirituality


(The era of the soul)

In the wee hours of time

Before the advent of logic

Spirituality was well assembled

Inside the hearts of our ancient ancestors

It is not the lack of brains that led them to the path of Light

It was the window of time that was full of clarity

Mankind was way ahead of his time

As he unfolded the full scope of consciousness

And drank from the river of Love

He built a foundation based on Hope

He constructed a home fully clothed with Love

He was not entangled to the taste buds of materialism

He did not have to calculate the speed of light

Because he knew that the path of Light was his abode

He looked not to the stars for comfort

He looked not to the classroom of materialism for wealth

He was already fully clothed in comfort and wealth

For thousands of years, Mankind was satiated

His belly was full of spiritual wealth

His mind was occupied by tranquillity

His heart was a domain of the spirit

He was a spiritual being and planet earth was his sacred home


(The era of the body)

Then came the full machinery of religion

Well dressed with sin and judgement

The furious fist of condemnation displayed

Mankind retreated into the tent of fear

And the obedience of law became his focus

He was a prisoner of religion

Until the dark ages

When the demons of religious doctrine

Came full circle to torment the church

Mankind was desperate for a rescuer

Someone who can liberate him from the grasp of religion


(The era of the Mind)

Finally the light was seen from the classroom of science

Logic became the next obsession

With logic came industrialization

And individual material wealth became a norm

The birth of individualism was followed immediately by selfishness

Capitalism followed on the footsteps of democracy

Which had already flung open the doors of colonialism

It was the best of times

Exploitation and slavery were the main source of wealth

Racial discrimination was the face of hate

Fear was wielded on the street of life

World wars were fought

Human blood was spilled

Poverty and diseases were poured on the racial outcasts

Mankind is unashamedly killing his own

In the name of wealth and power

Planet earth is fully clothed with the blanket of climate change


(The rise of spirituality)

Now we are entering the final phase

Consciousness and spiritual awakening

Our hearts have been poked

The door to the spirit is opening

We are now fully aware

Of the futility of fear and material wealth

We are also fully aware of religious demagoguery

We are now ready for the garment of the spirit

Love is our only hope

As we embrace ourselves

We also embrace our planet earth

As we find our way home (path of Light)

We also find enlightenment in our unfolding consciousness

Our oneness is our beacon of hope

Together we are the fibre of existence

Awareness is our vision


©Kenneth Maswabi







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