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This poem is a river of living water.

Poem: The river of living water


Many people expect to see waterfalls

Or an oasis in the middle of the desert

Some expert to see a pilgrimage

Or a temple

The river of living water is the confluence of knowing

The unknown becomes crystal clear

Faith, hope and Love becomes your only path

Life becomes a cup to serve others and to serve God

Unconditional Love is a garment and a gift

To give to yourself and others

You expect nothing in return

And you will be given everything

The river of living water is the source of peace, happiness and Love

It’s the amazing grace, the tabernacle of Love

Drink and you will be rejuvenated

Your spirit will radiate with the intensity of Light

Your body, mind and soul totally united

Your life will become a bastion of hope

Your words will be dressed with wisdom

Your message is unconditional Love

This is not a program to copy and paste

This is life eternal

You have to submit yourself

Humble yourself

And let go of your ego

Find the substance of your being

Don’t be confused by the noise outside

Or the shining pot of materialism

You have to let your body, mind and soul be consumed

By the fire of Love

Be emptied of the vile and turmoil of logic

You have to be still

And then true knowledge will appear

To dress you with unconditional Love

And address your needs

You are now the river of living water

Your words are crystal clear

Your message to the world is Unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi







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