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This poem reveals an important cogwheel of social injustice.

Poem: The Rogue Accountant


The rogue accountant has no account number

Just consonants and vowels of the alphabet

These are codes for all the money stashed

Hidden in faraway places under dubious aliases

It is clear that the rogue accountant is not here to play

The game of accounting is not for those who have no conscience

It is more than a number’s game, it is a display of conscientiousness

It is the intricate dissection of one’s inner being on the table of accountability

It is the meticulous display of the fool proof vest of the inner being

That is worn by those who are profusely loyal to the highest degrees of consciousness

The rogue accountant has neither of these sacred traits

Only a belly full of the fruits of recklessness, foolishness, selfishness and corruption

The rogue accountant is always ready to collide head on with organizational integrity

He is capable of disassembling well-manicured visions and missions’ statements

Pouring scorn on all the hardworking members of the Organization

The rogue accountant cares less about the integrity of the balance sheet

His only concern is to hide all traces of corruption, malpractices and selfishness

He is the frontline soldier in the battle against human progress

He is the main benefactor of the poverty eradication and social welfare schemes

He is the sole mastermind behind billions of dollars of unaccountable funds

The rogue accountant has joined a battalion of unscrupulous politicians, economists and businessmen

In hindering the socioeconomic development of the majority of human beings

The rogue accountant is an important cogwheel in the creation of poverty in the world

Let us stand together against these unscrupulous acts of crime against humanity

Let us be vigilant in our inner apparatus of being and reject all manners of toxic behaviours

Let us form a wall against all agents of inequality, poverty and corruption

It begins with you taking appropriate steps to consolidate your consciousness

The mind, body and soul need to be bound together under one accord

This is the covenant of unconditional Love

©Kenneth Maswabi



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