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This poem is my therapy

Poem: The Rush of Spirit Poetry


This is not an art form

Or science fiction

It is the equivalent of a lightning strike

Like swallowing a million volts

And vaporising the cord of being

It takes only a billionth of a second

But every fibre of being is paralysed

Wrapped in the most intense moment

All ripples are erased

Only the substance of being is illuminated

This is the rush of spirit poetry

It is the intensity of the Light

That solidifies into the most beautiful words

Spirit poetry is the language of the soul

The spirit is allowed to manifest

Inside the core of every word

The miracle is not on the words themselves

It is the life that is poured on each and every word

So that life occupies the fibre of every word

God is a master Artist and the supreme Creator of all things

I can only bow down in awe of His Spirit

It is the Spirit of unconditional Love

That makes every fibre of my being tick

It is the substance of nothingness

That outweighs everything I know

I am intoxicated and healed by the medicine of poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi



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