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This poem is knowledge for the spirit.

Poem: The Sacred Branch


This is the tree of knowledge

It has many branches of consciousness

The sacred branch holds the mystery of existence

The other branches are the paths of life

The river of life is the sap that nourishes the leaves

The fountain of life is the life force that gives this tree its vigour

Let me climb to the branches of consciousness for a little while

On these paths there are many vesicles of knowledge

Don’t be confused by the shiny petals of logic and the juices of materialism

This knowledge is governed by the laws of physics and statutes of law

It is the membrane of time and space that gives this branch its beauty and its bitterness

It is a beautiful branch to sit on but it is not a branch to build your nest

It is full of joy but yet again it’s full of pain and sorrow

The thorns of life are found here as well as the berries

The seasons of life are the brokers of peace and war (life and death)

This branch is not fully barricaded against the forces of fear and hopelessness (storms)

This branch will fall off at one point

It will wilt and die

Now let me go back to the sacred branch

This is the place of faith, hope and Love

On this branch there is a secret vault that holds the seed of life

This is the D.N.A of all Knowledge

It is not made up of chemicals or electromagnetic signals

It is made up of the substance of Nothingness

And its composition is beyond our imagination

But its effect is life changing and life-giving

The seed of life is unconditional Love

This is the source of everlasting life


©Kenneth Maswabi


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