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This poem is the canvas of the sacred knowledge.

Poem: The sacred knowledge


I have come across so many pieces of knowledge

Some are as dry as the dry river bed

Not even birds can visit anymore

Even twigs are well informed

Carrying all the beautiful nutrients

To feed the masses

The sacred knowledge is brimming with life

It’s the kind of knowledge that does not die

Passed from generation to generation

The raindrop knows its way

Not guided by any curriculum

It comes carrying life

In its fearlessness, it knows not pain

Death is not a part of its path

As it transverses the firmaments

It has only one goal

To satiate life and make its way back to the ocean

It might take long but its mission is not impossible

The sacred knowledge is found in every vessel of life

It’s not the sweetness that defines it

It’s the boldness of its message

That invigorates life

Nourishing the spirit

The sacred knowledge is gathered from the realm of emptiness

Not as a way of achieving excellence

But as a sacrifice inside the bowl of existence

The sacred knowledge illuminates the presence of God

Even among non-believers

It shatters the pedestal of ego

Allowing them to drink from the river of life

©Kenneth Maswabi


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