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This poem paints the human condition.

Poem: The Sacred Ravine of Poetry


There is a place

That is full of wonders

The viscous ether galore

The tempestuous wind of emotions

The whirlwind of raw feelings

The contaminated pulses

Denial, betrayal, uncertainty, pride and sorrow

The unbuttoned rage

The turbulent sea

The painful moments

The absence of hope

The broken vessel

Grief, anger, jealousy, disease, poverty and fear

The hard walls of stiffened ideologies

The racial tensions

The religious fanatics

The power mongers

The political despot

The loosened accord

The wicked decision

Delusions, conflict, selfishness, war and wickedness

The nurse’s hands

The punctured wound

The house of mercy

The healing, soothing flow of words

Healing, hope, compassion and unconditional love

The laughter

The ecstasy of love

Peace, joy and happiness

The anointed spirit of heaven

The covenant of love

The acceptance

The prayer

The Silence

Faith, Hope, Love

God’s Grace


Life is the sacred ravine of poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi




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