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This poem is my home, hospital and insanity.

Poem: The Sacred State of Being


It is like fitting your foot into a perfect sized shoe

The sacred state of being is a natural fit for all us

This is a one size fit-all phenomenon deep inside our being

You just have to allow your being to be cleansed of all acquired knowledge

It is these excess stuff that make us unfit to occupy the cubicle of being

Acquired knowledge is great, don’t get me wrong

But every now and then, you have to be the fibre of being

Let the nakedness of the spirit be your sole occupation

You have to shed all material yearnings, desires, fears, identities, expectations

And all attachments

You have to be unborn inside the womb of existence

And experience the sacred state of being

This is the garden of the spirit where all else is non-existent

Just for a little while, the body, mind and soul exist as one branch of existence

Not troubled by emotional fluctuations and the oscillations of thoughts

Not torn apart by the forces of uncertainty, selfishness and wickedness

The spirit is submerged in the most beautiful existence, the ocean of being (or awareness)

This is the realm of nothingness where you are not defined by physical characteristics or mental disturbances

But you are impossible to define because all the tensions of life have been erased

You are now a spiritual being with nothingness as your only wealth

This is the bowl of peace, freedom, happiness, hope and Love

It is an existence that is dimensionless

Not defined by space-time

Or any of the other invading forces from outside the known world

Not touched by the winds of fear, uncertainty and hopelessness

It is the stillness and the sacred Silence within

This is the sacred state of being

It is the realm of God, the Illuminated Light

The ocean of awareness and the everlasting life


©Kenneth Maswabi


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