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This poem unveils the sacred nature of beauty.

Poem: The Seamstress of Beauty


It’s not the yellow colour

That composes happiness

Or the green, red, blue patches

It’s a sacred ingredient of beauty

That combines colour, spirit and environment

The texture and the contours become intertwined

To unveil the mystical nature of beauty

It’s not the eye that gauges happiness

It’s the spirit within that is submerged in joy

Taste buds are fully loaded with succulent bits and pieces of happiness

The heart is both a vase and a bowl of beauty

Patches of beauty bloom all over its path

Sprouting all over the fabric of being

Creating a vase of beauty beyond imagination

She is a petal of beauty that stood on the tree of existence

Unwavering, she was the monument of happiness

Planted firmly on the fabric of life

She is an open window of beauty and happiness

Standing on a timeless branch of existence

She is fully dressed in happiness

She is the seamstress of beauty


©Kenneth Maswabi




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