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This poem is a sacred secret.

Poem: The secret to knowing the unknown


It’s not a top secret

It’s a sacred secret

It’s the beginning of wisdom

It’s within you

It’s your gift

Open your eyes

Not to see

But to unsee

All the different forms of logic

Disentangling yourself

From the realm of reason (ego)

Do not fear

Fear is an illusion

You have to let go

And be empty

Of all knowing

Just be

Emptiness is cup

To catch the secret of life

Silence is a substance

To hold the secret with

Now lie down

Inside the unknown

Be alone in the aloneness

Hold onto hope

Be full of faith

Let the sip of silence

Be your nourishment

You are now

Faraway inside the realm of nothingness

It’s here where you will stay

And embrace your non-existent

You will be sleeping

But yet fully awake

You will be dead

But yet fully alive

You will be empty

But yet full of existence

You will be the fabric

You will be the path

You will be destination

It’s here where you will be filled with wisdom

You will fall in Love with Love

Because Love is the only thing you know

You will become Love

Because Love is the Truth

You will worship Love

Because Love is God

You will close your eyes

Because Love is eternity

You will know the unknown

Because the unknown is Light (awareness)


©Kenneth Maswabi



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