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This poem is a lover’s poem.

Poem: The secrets of the moon


In your usual pleasant demeanour

You came to my window

Not only to pray with me

But to hold my heart

And fill me with peace and love

I felt your tenderness

Across my face

As you waited

Behind the veil of silence

I saw your face

With my eyes closed

You have the most beautiful smile

I don’t need my eyes

To narrate your story

I only need my heart

To caress your hand

You are such a charmer

You don’t need words

To whisper your secrets

Into my ear

You have come from afar

But you look so fresh and young

You are the princess of heaven

Not only by birth

But by deeds as well

I am enchanted

By your presence

Your warmth is heaven sent

Your love is eternal


©Kenneth Maswabi





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