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This poem is full of the spirit.

Poem: The seed of spiritual knowledge


There is no language that disperses meaning

More than the language of the heart

It’s not the school of spirituality

Or the classroom of knowledge

That will give you the seed of spiritual knowledge

It’s the unbuttoned state of the heart

That will allow you to drink

From the bowl of the spirit

It’s the amazing waters of the spirit

That are full of knowledge

It’s not knowledge about the physicality of our being

It’s the fibre of consciousness

Submerged in our inner being

That gives us clarity

To discern through the contents of life

And pour hope, faith and love into our being

It’s the beauty of the spirit

That will guide the path of life

And mould the inner structure of being

Inside the palm of your heart

You will be invited

To hold silence in your heart

And consume the contents of madness

Drawing from the well of life

Your spiritual thirstiness will be quenched

Undressed of your ego

You will be dressed with nothing but the garment of Love

You will then hold the seed of spiritual knowledge in your being

And be guided into the garden of hope

It’s here where your faith will be tested

Bursting out of the hard cocoon of the self

You will be a seedling in the house of existence

Emerging from the solid ground of mystery

You will be the root, the stem and the branches

Bearing the fruits of the spirit

Holding the bowl of existence

Firmly planted in the everlasting realm of life

You will be the tree of Life

Love is the seed of spiritual knowledge


©Kenneth Maswabi


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