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This poem is the unveiling of the love of God.

Poem: The Shedding of Tears


It is human nature to feel pain

The discourse between body, mind and soul is intense

The body chooses to feel instant pain from the thorns of life

Not accustomed to algorithms of logic and complexities

The body tells you immediately that you have encountered pain

Through a network of nerve fibres, the body is always on guard

The reflex arc is primed to act immediately

To notify you of any source of pain

The mind is stubborn, willing to endure much suffering

Only to choose the path of recklessness

Trying to heal itself with the carelessness of logic

The mind will lead you down the path of alcohol intoxication, drug abuse and all other forms of abuse or self-mutilations or self-hate

Or sometimes even worse, the mind will take you to the abyss of depression and suicide

The Soul chooses the path of sorrow, shedding tears seem unreasonable and illogical

But the soul knows many secrets of the Unknown

Summoning God is not by a wand of magic but by an act of humility and love

The shedding of tears symbolizes the most humble state of being

When the body, mind and soul are at its most vulnerable state

Yet, it is one of the most powerful state of being

It is the loosening of all guards, the discarding of logic and ego

That summons the Spirit of God to bring comfort to the sorrowful

And healing to the grieved

Let us learn to embrace our being and be the supreme seat of God

It is only through the loosening of tensions (calmness/stillness)

And the rejection of ego (or control) that we will allow God’s hand into our situations and circumstances

We are sacred beings that are forever in the presence of God

We just need to allow ourselves to be available to Him

So that He can care for us, nourish our souls and brighten our spirit

It is the mission of God to give us life and life in abundance

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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