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This poem is the substance of being

Poem: The Shine


Like sunshine, we all have the shine in us

Not to be confused with a profuse display of materialism

The shine is an inner beauty that oozes into other people’s hearts

The shine is a display of joy that is far richer than the moment

The shine is an exhibition of petals of happiness

It’s only through our open hearts that we can truly see our true selves

The shine is a mirror that reflects our true state of being

The shine is not only a sacred substance of being

It’s an intense light sipping from the garment of Love

The shine is our personal protective clothing

To help us manoeuvre in a world full of wickedness

The shine attracts goodness and abundance into our lives

The shine is a source of warmth in a cold and desolate world

The shine is a substance of the spirit

That helps us grow stronger in our spiritual pursuits

The shine is the Light that illuminates our path

Giving us hope in times of darkness

The shine in us is a gift

For those who are committed to loving others

Regardless of race, colour or social status

It’s important to find your Light

In these times of uncertainty

It’s a source of joy, strength and power

The shine is a fabric of the spirit

An exposition of the substance of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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