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This poem is a celebration of the sacred inheritance.

Poem: The Silence Within is a garment of beauty


Again and again, I will be battered by the storms of life

Yet, I will always go back to the fabric of my being

I will always lie down in the still waters of my spirit

I will always eat from the bowl of existence

I will not be tempted by the shiny pot of materialism

Or the protruded teeth of fear and hopelessness

I will not let uncertainty dim the beacon of hope in me

I will forever be a temple of the Most High

In His wisdom he has erected a monument of Silence

To be the template of His beauty

He has created stillness even when the ripples of life were many

In me, He has set the pedestal of Hope

I will walk in the beautiful sunshine of the spirit

And I will drink from the river of life

I am forever dressed in the garment OF Unconditional Love

And my spirit has found joy in the Silence within

I am not condemning the face of our modern life

I am only pointing us back to our true selves

Let us not be confused by the foams of uncertainty

And be tempted to submerge ourselves in it

It is only a mirage and an illusion

True reality is within

And it begins at the entrance of Silence

Here you can find peace, hope and happiness

You can begin to undress the mystery of life

And address the needs of your fellow human beings

It’s not for those who are full of fear

Or those who have solidified their being with identities and attachments

Here, you cannot dress yourself with expectations

You need to let go

And put on the garment of freedom

It’s the realm of nothingness

Nothing is for sale

Everything is made of Silence

Everything is Faith, Hope and Love

It’s the substance of our being

The Silence within is a garment of beauty


©Kenneth Maswabi


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