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The poem speaks to the spirit.

Poem: The Sip of Silence


In silence

There is nothing

Only if you listen with your ears

In silence

There is nothingness

When you listen with your heart (body, mind and soul)

This is not a puzzle

It’s the difference between the physical realm and spirit

The flesh yearns for temporal physical satisfaction

The spirit longs for everlasting happiness, peace and freedom

While you can submerge your ears into sound and get your thrill

It’s only through the fibre of existence that the spirit world is discerned

You have to let all of your mind, body and soul hold only to the fibre of silence

Then you will find the everlasting path

In this path there is only emptiness and this state is sacred

It’s the complete harmony of the body, mind and soul

At this point, all of your biopsychosocial needs are meaningless

All your fears annihilated

And only hope exists

You have entered the fibre of existence (nothingness)

The spirit world is a place of happiness, peace and Love

The sip of Silence is an extraordinary transformation

From a being with needs, fears and expectations

To being the fibre of existence

Having unconditional Love as your fabric

The sip of Silence is a fountain

A restoration of the spirit

A nourishment of body, mind and soul

The purest relaxation

©Kenneth Maswabi




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