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This poem takes you to the most beautiful part of existence…your heart.

Poem: The Skies of Heaven


Do not dream about the skies of heaven

It is a dream for those who are lost

Look at your neighbour’s face

And dream about his or her success

This is the skies of heaven

Find the weak and vulnerable

And dream about their wellbeing

Give them the courage to face one more day

Sift through their troubles

And if you can fix one

You are the skies of heaven

Most of all dream about goodness

Make your life a platform of unconditional love

This is the beautiful skies of heaven

Open your heart and be kind

Be humble at all times

Show compassion to others

Heal their wounds

With a smile

Showcase your soul

With a giving hand

Be the example of a good soul

This is the skies of heaven

Like raindrops, let your spirit fall

Not even the barren soil of life

Will reject you

Through your soothing presence

You will be embraced by all

Through your nutritious spirit

You will bring life to others

This is the skies of heaven

©Kenneth Maswabi




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