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This poem is more than pain.

Poem: The sorrow of separation (from God)


How can I have known?
That the absence of your Love
Surpasses all pain
How can I have anticipated?
That the dark cloud of separation
Will be my home
I was only human
With all human weaknesses
Inhabiting my being
My desires were innumerable
My fantasies unrestricted
I lost my way
In my stubbornness
In my selfishness
I allowed the ego to lead me
To the deepest grave of them all
The abyss of the unknown
The sorrow of separation
Consumes my being
Like a scavenger
Feeding on a rotten carcass
I am left alone
In the cold forest of the spirit
To be devoured
And consumed
By the flames of hell
How can I have known?
That all I needed was your Love (God’s Love)
That all I yearned for was your touch (God’s Light)
I am now a monument of hopelessness
I am the manuscript of sorrow
My whole being is dressed in sadness
I am forever lost
Inside the gully of evil

©Kenneth Maswabi

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