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This poem is a tale of two paths…the constructed reality and the spiritual path.

Poem: The spiritual path


This is not a religion

Or a game of chess

No pointed guns

Or open “Holy” books

Only hearts

Rigidly closed

Ancient locks

Bolted on the doors

Culture and lifestyles

Walls around the heart

No rivers of blood

Only paths of light

Life is not a game of chess

To hold pieces against each other

Black against white

White against black

Ponies and castles

Kings and queens

Battering each other for a piece of life

A rigid chessboard

A cold and silent judge

Holds the map

To injustice and justice

Death penalties

Life sentences

Pieces of justice (Injustices)

Thrown carelessly

Into the path of life


The spiritual path

Undresses life

Pouring scorn

Into the constructed reality

It’s the naked truth

That separates the two paths

Spirituality is the unlocking of the heart

To release awareness

And spread the truth

A flash of light

On the web of life

A beacon of hope

In a world

Where selfishness

Adopted and adapted

To wield immense power

Over the poor

Democracy punctured

And re-inflated

Lies and deceit

Poured with lack of care

Into the streets of life

Money and power

Tainted morality

Bloodied intentions

All ammunitions

To hold hostage

The heart of humanity

It’s true

The shackles of life

Are submerged in sweet nectar

And only those with good intentions

Hold the power to wield the truth

And stop the madness

It’s only through deep reflection and prayer

Silence and meditation

That you will free yourself

From the hand of ego

Freedom is not free

It’s a sacrifice

An altar

A covenant

All buried

Deep in your soul

Find your true self

And you will find unconditional Love





Kenneth Maswabi






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