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This poem is full of pain, grief and sorrow.

Poem: The stabbing pain of Covid-19 disease


In all of our meticulous plans

In the boardrooms of life

We never thought this day will come to pass

We never imagined a day of sorrow like this one

Not even our mathematical modelling

Could predict such pain

The stabbing pain of covid-19 disease is not just physical

It penetrates the substance of life

Reaching into the human psyche

It devours the mental capsule of consciousness

Shredding the structure of logic

We do not have the mental capacity to withstand this kind of pain

We are swamped by sorrow and we are buried in grief

Every atom of our being is encapsulated in fear

Every wave of time carries the anxiety-ridden thought

We shiver with pain as the names of the dead are read

We look at tomorrow with empty eyes

Our friends are dying

Our mothers, fathers and daughters are dead

We are holding onto the last breathe

All our lungs are squeezed of the last breath

It’s only the timeless capsule of the spirit

That is capable of withstanding such brute force

It’s only those who have buried themselves in the spiritual canvas

That will be spared the long-lasting effects of this menace

We have to come together in spirit

We need to find the pedestal of hope

We need to pray for healing

We need to comfort each other

©Kenneth Maswabi





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