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This poem dives deep into the realm of nothingness.

Poem: The state of nothingness


On this platform

Everything dissolves

Ego is dissipated

Identities are folded

Expectations are erased

Attachments are meaningless

The road is empty of any thoughts

The path is full of light

Sorrow and love are in one bowl

Pain and laughter are pressed together

There is no turmoil

All storms have been quietened

There is no joy

All celebrations abandoned

There is only you

Sitting on a timeless existence

A dimensionless realm

The world is not around

The universe is absent

There are no other distractions

Everything has been mowed down

All thoughts have been uprooted

The physical realm is outside your presence

Your absence is beyond this reality

You are partaking on a journey

The unknown is unfolded

The known is understood

Awareness is displayed

Life is melted

Love is allowed to flow

And you are part of the flow

You are the Love

Love is the nothingness around you

Love is the spirit in you

There is no other destination

But your true self


© Kenneth Maswabi


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