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This poem highlights the burden of human suffering during this pandemic.

Poem: The state of the world address


I am not a politician

To weave words and lies in one sentence

The present state of the world is chaotic, miserable and full of pain

The Covid-19 virus uprising is causing concern

We are hearing of new variants almost daily

Our arsenal of vaccines is nowhere to be seen

It is an injustice to fight a war with no weapons

Our frontline workers are exhausted

Our street workers are wallowing in misery

The house of humanity is being ransacked by a monster

We have to refocus our efforts

And come up with a better and clear strategy

It is not a time for political ideologies

Or conspiracy theories

It is a time to think together and act together

It is a time to enter the house of humanity

And count our losses

Then we can gather our tears

And climb the pedestal of hope

This is a time to unfold the tabernacle of our being

And be present inside the presence of unconditional Love

It is time to give and give and give

It is a time to bless your friend, neighbour and enemy

To wish them well in their struggle against the pandemic

It is not only those with bleeding wounds

That must be addressed

Even those with psychosocial issues should be undressed

And given the attention they deserve

We have to make it our collective mission

To cleanse (sanitize) the house of humanity

Heal the sick and comfort the bereaved

We will be victorious in our endeavour

To get rid of the pandemic

Together we can

Thank you


©Kenneth Maswabi



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