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This poem unveils the ingredients of success.

Poem: The story of a champion


The mallet that pounds on the body, mind and soul

Has nothing but pure passion

Not the strength of an ox

Or the power of a horse

But the sacred ingredients of success


It’s not a story about short cuts

And easy leaps

It’s a story about pain, endurance

And total commitment

It’s a story about sweat and sometimes blood

A story about faith, hope and Love

It’s a pure spiritual journey


A champion rises from the ashes

Unscathed by past failures

Or scars

A champion looks to the future

With the eyes of hope

Not defeated by logic

A champion opens a path beyond knowing

Into the sacred path of Light


The story of a champion is not pure luck

Or any effects of charms or spells

It’s washed by questions with no answers

It’s drowned in lack of a clear path

But fully loaded with passion, hope and love

It’s not the summit of hopelessness

That stands in front of their eyes

It’s the ultimate joy of surpassing expectations

Climbing the un-climbable mountain

Onto the sacred peak


The story of a champion begins in the now

And continues to live in the now

Past achievements are nothing

Compared to the present moment

A champion cannot stay attached to past success

Or trespass into the future with excitement

A champion is committed to the now

What happens now determines the championship

It’s not your story that will open new pathways

It’s your commitment to stay in front

And hold on the now in your hands

That gives you peace, joy and rest



Kenneth Maswabi




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