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This poem is about beauty, peace and selflessness.

Poem: The Story of the Moon Continued…


In her celestial beauty

She is not wearing any dress or night gown

She is happily wearing a sacred garment of light

It is a thin veil of the most radiant beauty

That penetrates the solid bone of our psyche

Producing a rare form of peace and harmony in our hearts

The moon is naked in her sacred celestial beauty

Totally devoid of any man-made costumes

The moon looks at us with total disbelief

As we feed our souls with pollution and garbage

Poisoning the essence of our being

But the story of the moon is not a story of sadness

It is a story of courage amidst adversities

It is a story of survival and conquering the inner self

The moon has erased all forms of ego from her face

And embraced her inner beauty

She has dedicated her whole life

To bringing light to our darkest hours

Even if it does not bring any tangible benefits to her

She has committed herself to love Earth unconditionally

With no strings attached

She has adopted the kingdom of flora and fauna

Submerging it in her sanctified beauty

She has achieved the state of a goddess

Not because she wants to be worshipped

But because she represents humility, peace and selflessness

She is the beauty in our night sky

The angel of light and the epitome of hope


©Kenneth Maswabi


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