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This poem is a story purely made from the threads of consciousness.

Poem: The Story of the Moon


In not so distant past

The Moon was a young girl

Blessed with beauty and exuberance

She was the talk of town

And all suitors were too shy to approach her

The Moon was looking forward to meeting Earth

But Earth was consumed by selfishness

He did not want to share his water and beautiful sky

He only wanted the Moon to be his lover

He was not prepared to settle down

Marriage was not his kind of thing

He was full of pride, handsome and wealthy

The Moon was hurt and lonely

She started a conversation with the Sun

She just wanted to borrow some sunlight

Thinking that she will impress Earth

But the Sun wanted more

The Sun was hot tempered and short-tempered

He was not prepared for a long distance relationship

And he only wanted a no strings attached relationship

The Moon was kind of lost

She really needed the sunlight

And she relented to the Sun’s hot pursuit

She was kind of thrilled by this mysterious wild Man

But deep down, she felt sad

She really wanted Earth to know how much she felt about him

She was adamant that Earth was her soulmate

Meanwhile her relationship with Sun blossomed

And soon the Moon was pregnant with Light

The Moon gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby

They called her Moonlight

In the wee hours of the night

Baby Moonlight went to sleep

It was a beautiful and exciting day

But there was a condition

The Sun did not want competition

He banished baby Moonlight to the night

From then onwards, baby Moonlight will only be seen at certain times of the night

Sometimes in the darkest hours of the night

The Moon was not impressed

That she asked Moonlight to pour her light on Earth

So that she can see him sleeping through the window of his beautiful sky

This is the story of the Moon and the two gentlemen who broke her heart


©Kenneth Maswabi




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