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This poem is the substance of awareness

Poem: The Substance of my Being Illuminated


Every time I sit under the shade of my being

I am embraced by the light of nothingness

It is not the pot of materialism that occupies my mind

It is the substance of being that possess my mind set

All thoughts and emotions are poured out

A new sense is erected inside my being

This is a gigantic sense of listening (to the spirit)

It is quite an amazing state of being

This sacred sense is planted on the substance of being

It does not depend on light, sight and might or any contents of my mind

To brighten my day

It is the nothingness of the spirit that is illuminated

And this light is brighter than every thought or emotion

This is the flame or flare of awareness

It is the most beautiful sight in the whole of my existence

I am sharing this secret or mystery with you

Because I want you to know

That you have a solid foundation

A beautiful existence underneath your everyday hustle

Take some time off and be with yourself

Reach deep into your being

And unlock the door of heaven

It is the beauty of being

That will undress your fears, hopelessness and uncertainty

And address you with the loving heart of the spirit

This is the illuminated path of Light

The source of Faith, Hope and Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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