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This poem unveils the true substance of the soul.

Poem: The substance of my soul


Every time I stray away

Into the murky waters of life

I find myself stripped

Of all my peace

The substance of my soul

Clouded by all the impurities of the world

Like a dark night sky

My path is hidden

My light is lost

I am a particle of life

That lost its way

But then

I know where to go

To retrace my steps

Into the river of pearls

Where I will be drained

Of all thoughts and emotions

And my empty bowl

Will be filled with Silence

It’s here where I will put on the garment of light

And my path will be illuminated

My body, mind and soul united

Into a lake of nothingness

In this stillness

I am home

In my nest

Where poetry is weaved

And Love is poured

On the fabric of existence

It’s a beautiful place

High on the branches of consciousness

Everything is full of clarity

And my view is not of this world

The substance of my soul is at peace again


©Kenneth Maswabi




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