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This poem is asking very difficult questions

Poem: The Summit of Poetry


If I climb the mountain of poetry

Every word ever uttered

In every poet’s imagination

Or through the history of poetry

Will I find something I am looking for?

Will I be satiated and seek after poetry no more?

Will I have a bowl full of tears?

Or will my heart be plastered with bandages?

Will I be an awakened being full of wisdom?

Or will I find solace in the mystical realms?

If I climb the mountain of poetry

Will I find my true love?

Will my first poem be among the rocks?

Will I succumb to depression?

Will I disappear into the darkness?

Will I go away never to return?

Will I go to sleep and never awake?

If I climb the mountain of poetry

Will I reach the summit of poetry

And bask at all the great poets’ madness

Or will I be greeted with cheers and celebration?

If I climb the mountain of poetry

Will I be released from the grip of fear

And fly away with the clouds?

Will I find that the sky is not the limit

And be one with the cosmos?

Will I find myself staring at nothingness?

Totally swallowed by the mystical poem (God)


©Kenneth Maswabi


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