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This poem is a revelation.

Poem: The sweetest moment


Life keeps dipping our tongue in bitterness

One by one, we have all tasted sorrow

We drank from the cup of despair

Even our New Year’s Eve candlelight vigil

Did not stop the black cloud of covid-19

From pouring its contents on our heads

Its toxic barrage of sorrow and despair

Left us drenched in a stench of sadness

A veil of uncertainty now envelops us

The future seems to be full of thorns

And we are walking barefooted

In the sands of an unknown future

It’s inside the classroom of life

Where we are all gathered

To witness the great teacher of spirit

Unveil the manuscript of Love

At our weakest moment

Our hearts bleeding

Our minds pleading

We will witness the sweetest moment

When the petals of Love will be unveiled

And the beautiful garden of Love opened

It’s not far from the gate of imagination

Where we will all pour out the contents of our hearts

All the vile and venom of wickedness

Will be drained out of our system

And we will be polished with the finest scents

We will be awakened from our long nightmare

And our dream will be to live together as one

As we open our eyes to a new world

A bright day (free from Covid-19)




Kenneth Maswabi







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