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This poem unveils the inner sanctuary.

Poem: The tabernacle of being


Like an ancient pyramid

Mystery surrounds the tabernacle of being

History is not enough to explain this extraordinary entity

There are no open windows to give us a hint of its purpose

The tabernacle of being is a gigantic conundrum

A puzzle for those who seek after the Truth

A monument for those who follow ancient traditions

An anomaly for those looking for patterns of logic

The tabernacle of being is a hospital for the sick

An open tent for Silence to be consumed

A sharp knife to open the hidden meaning of life

A vehicle for those who are travelling the dimensionless way

An altar made of the most beautiful substance

The tabernacle of being is the lost Ark of the Covenant

A pedestal of hope and the illuminated path

A beautiful sacred ornament that is worn by all

The tabernacle of being is the true temple of life

A place where life is nourished and rejuvenated

A garden to grow peace, happiness and Love

The tabernacle of being is the most precious gift

The only source of the radiant spirit

©Kenneth Maswabi


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