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This poem is a path of the spirit

Poem: The Temple of Awareness


Beyond the solid knowledge

Scientific manuscripts and religious dogma

Political manifestos and economic forecasts

Boardroom tussles and classroom inquiries

Street lingo and criminal enterprises

I want to take you to the temple of awareness

To light your path with the divine Light

To empty the contents of your constructed reality

And usher you into the everlasting life

Don’t be constrained by the heavy bags of identities and achievements

Put those bags down for a little while

And let us be empty of all acquired knowledge

Forget about your relationship issues for a while

Remember not your financial discords

Just be empty of knowledge, fear and uncertainty

This is the entrance to the temple of true knowledge

Now, we can undress ourselves of the human needs, wants and desires

Let us be naked in the presence of the divine Light

Let Silence or Stillness inhabit our state of being

This is not a place of judgement

It is a place of peace, hope, happiness and Love

Have faith, this is the realm of eternity

This is the dimensionless realm

Everything is forever

There is no expiry date on happiness, peace, hope and freedom

There is no price tags on health and wellness

Or political policies on peace, freedom and security

There are no economic upheavals, everything has been catered for

There is absolutely no heart breaks

Unconditional Love is the pain and the remedy

Now, it is time to enter the chamber of secrets

Mystery and reality are intertwined

There is no body, mind and soul

The spirit is all there is

This is the abode of God

What more do you want to know?

God is all knowledge, understanding and wisdom

Faith, hope and Love are the temple of awareness

God is the Truth



©Kenneth Maswabi



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