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This poem is a call to laughter.


Poem: The ticklish tickle


Consciousness laid down the tools for laughter

Under the surface of our being

Planting all sorts of buttons

To undress the joy within

It’s not a coincidence

Or a way ward path of evolution

It’s the fullness of the spirit within

Ever ready to be submerged in laughter

The spirit awaits the touch of another being

Delicate fingers are required

To awaken the entire fabric of consciousness

To release the droplets of ecstasy

Throwing us into a wonderful moment

The ticklish tickle is not an anomaly on the face of life

It’s the pulsating sense of joy

That was planted into the fibres of our being

To give us a taste of eternity

In laughter we find ourselves liberated

Under the spell of freedom

We find ourselves inside the bowl of happiness

It’s during times like these

When laughter is a true balm

That soothes our inner being

Renewing our spirit

Refreshing our minds

We are spiritual beings

Laughter is our way of freeing our souls

From the entanglements of life

Let’s find time to laugh


©Kenneth Maswabi



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