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This poem is the substance of my being.

Poem: The tranquil presence


This is not an ancient monolith

Standing at the gates of our hearts

This is the real substance of being

Undisturbed by the malicious tentacles of life

This is the Silence within displayed on the canvas of life

There is no miracle bigger than the stillness of being

There is no place quieter than the tranquil presence

This is not a vacation, it is the absence of ego

This is the taste of heaven and the ecstasy of being

Totally unwrapped, the Silence within is Eternity

The substance of nothingness is not reserved for some

It’s for all of us to enjoy

But first we have to remove the spectacle of life

And be present in the tabernacle of our being

Remove all of your tears, wipe out your smile

Just be the empty field, the calm ocean

Hold only to the stillness of being

Forget the raging storm

Forget the fear and the hopelessness

Just submerge yourself in nothingness

Be the fabric of existence

There is nothing bigger than this

There is no problem big enough

You are the epitome of beauty

The summit of Love

The pedestal of hope

Find your true self

Don’t hesitate

Enter the temple of being

Stay there for a while

This is the purification of mind, body and soul

The ultimate nourishment of the spirit

The tranquil presence is the presence of God

Be in Love, be the Love

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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