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This poem is not a victory celebration, it’s a journey of life.

Poem: The transition


Like an empty bus stop

The transition is a time of uncertainty

Yet, it is a time pregnant with hope

The journey ahead is full of excitement and new adventures

But the “what if” moment is fully awake

Like the arrival of a dark cloud before the storm

The transition is a time to gather yourself

And let your spirit look beyond logic

It is a time to submerge your mind, body and soul

Into the perfect substance of hope

And be full of faith

As I gather the memories of my life

I can’t resist to look back

And go through the album of mercy

I have lived a life of faith, hope and Love

Every step of my life is a footprint of the amazing grace

As I prepare my being to face the next phase of my life

I pray for nothing in my spirit but the sacred Silence

Silence is the only clear path for me

In Silence, I am reassured of the beauty of life

In Silence, my mind, body and soul are wrapped together

In a blanket of peace, happiness and unconditional love

I have reached this point in my life

And I am ready to embark on a marvellous journey

It is the manifestation of the full spectrum of consciousness

The unveiling of the miracle of God

This is not a declaration of victory

It is the launch of a beautiful journey of life

The awakened soul is ready to be illuminated

©Kenneth Maswabi



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