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This poem warns against this monster.

Poem: The trouble with Ego


Ego stands on the pyramid of time and space

Boasting of its many physical identities or achievements

Showcasing its cunning face

Ego does not apologize for its mistakes

Or take responsibility for its bad actions

Ego basks at the highest pinnacle of madness

Not knowing its true diagnosis

Ego looks at the sunshine

And wants to be the sun

Ego fondles the hands of success

And screams at the top of its lungs

Just flirting moments of happiness

Ego does not know true happiness

Ego does not believe in spiritual avenues of happiness

There is no humility in its dictionary

Just pure pride

That borders on narcissistic tendencies

Ego holds the cup of success

And yet still demands for more

Ego cannot be satisfied

With the contents of life

The trouble with ego is selfishness

Ego is obsessed with winning

Not out of hard work or skill

Ego just wants to be at the top of the world

Regardless of achievements

Ego wants to be seen on the stage of fame


Whether by skill or corruption

Ego wants to excel in whatever it does

Regardless of the carnage left behind

Ego only looks at the prize

Regardless of the truth

Ego wants to excavate its way

Outside the borders of reason

Ego is a monster

That can only be tamed by Love

Prescribing humility, kindness and compassion

Love stands on the opposite side of ego

Emphasizing unconditional love

Love is a tranquilizer on the egocentric mind

Dispensing selflessness

Love is truly outside the realm of ego

Breaking down barriers

Love is a river of goodness


©Kenneth Maswabi




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