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This poem paints a picture of the spirit.

Poem: The True Essence of Poetry

Poetry does not paint life with a different brush

It is the innermost beauty that needs to be unveiled

It is also the sorrow within that needs to be let out

The colourful inner spirit has to be displayed

Not to compete with others but to uplift and encourage them

The tormented spirit needs to be allowed to walk the street of life

Inside the canvas of poetry not ashamed of the prying eyes of haters and cynics

The fearful spirit has to be shown to the outside world inside the lavish lines of poetry

The hopeless spirit needs to be shown the sunshine of the poetic spirit

And counselled on the ways of the everlasting life

The true essence of poetry is not to showcase our ego

Or outcompete each other but to build each other with colourful words of the spirit

Poetry is not a tool for selfishness, hatred and wickedness

It is a beautiful pen that arouse the senses to a higher level of consciousness

It is the poetic spirit that awakens the spirit within to roam free

Inside the hospitality of fellow poets and well-wishers

Poetry is not for those who are envious and manipulative

It is not a weapon to poison others

It is a tool to cultivate peace, happiness and love

Poetry does not care about the everyday rules of life

It cares more about the well-being of our humanity

It is the soil of humanity that needs to be nourished

For us to walk in peace and freedom

Poetry is like a butterfly, it has bright colours

And inoculates all the bright flowers of life with beauty, hope and love

While sipping on the sweet nectar of life

This is the true essence of poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi

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