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This poem opens the shell of mystery…the Truth.

Poem: The Truth

Encapsulated in a hard shell

A seed of Love

From ancient times to the present moment

A sacred covenant is shielded from the rays of evil

The truth is not visible to the wicked

Darkness has consumed their minds

Lies and deceit have enveloped their souls

The truth is not hidden from those with good hearts

For goodness is a balm

Medicine for those who seek the path of Light

The truth is erected in their minds

A monument of sorrow and Love

A manuscript of existence

The truth cannot be destroyed

Or defaced by wickedness

The truth holds the sacred knowledge

In small packets of light

Open your eyes

The truth shines so beautifully

A flower in the garden of life

The truth cannot be erased by the hands of man

Like sunshine, the truth is pervasive and entrenched in our hearts

To soothe our pain in times of darkness

To hold us accountable to each other

To make us see the light

The truth is a seed of Love

Growing in our hearts

Its fruits are abundance, joy and goodness

Its colour is the colour of Love

Open your mind, body and soul

Be encapsulated with the truth


© Kenneth Maswabi



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