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This poem unveils the path of Light.

Poem: The turbulence of the body, mind and soul


There are many formulae to true happiness

But the most effective and readily available

Lies deep within us

As the Lord our God commanded

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

This is the everlasting miracle

Even in times of disarray and disorder

We are commanded to be still

Not because we are reckless and careless

But because in stillness there is knowledge

This is the knowledge of God

This the path of Light

In the silence of body, mind and soul

We are enveloped with peace, happiness and Love

Our needs becomes negligible

Our hopes are elevated to the summit of existence

We become the eagles soaring far above our fears

We become the monuments of existence

And God is the breath of life

Ready to ignite our spirit

And pour Love into our being

This is our inheritance

To be covered by Love

To be submerged in stillness

To be full of Silence

To be fortified from fear, hopelessness and uncertainties

Now we have left the tabernacle of Love

We have abandoned the path of Light

Into the wilderness

Where turbulence of the body, mind and soul

Comes in many forms

We have filled our lives with expectations, attachments and identities

We have basically allowed turbulence to be part of our lives

We have allowed fear, hopelessness and uncertainties to dwell in our hearts

We have denied ourselves the knowledge of God

But it’s never too late

To retrace our steps and gather ourselves

We have to swallow our pride

And be children of God

We have to be bow down before God the Almighty

And be the fabric of nothingness

So that God may heal us

Restore and polish us

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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