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This poem is loaded with knowledge.

Poem: The two knowledge systems


Mankind is not the kind of Man you see on the street of life

Mankind is a spiritual force that opens chapter after chapter of knowledge

Feeding on the juices of knowledge to try and elevate its consciousness

It is the toxic juices of some of this knowledge that are poisonous to the spirit of Man

Feeding us with ego, selfishness, corruption, individualism, wickedness and evil

Filling us with uncertainty, fear and hopelessness

Currently, Mankind walks on the path of time and space

This is the path of knowledge that perishes

This knowledge comes fully loaded with sophisticated and aromatic tastes

That are magnetic to the tongue of Man

It is this magnetism that intoxicates the spirit of Man

In the overall scheme of things, this knowledge is meaningless

It does not elevate consciousness to its optimum state of awareness

It only pushes knowledge into a loop of progress and non-progress, meaning and meaninglessness

Like a dog chasing its tail in a perilous and fatal spin

The climate change scenario is a typical example

Of technology killing the same platform on which it was built

The nuclear technology is another example

Logic giving way to chaos and death

Progress leading to non-progress, vanity of vanities


Then, there is knowledge that is everlasting, never changing

And fully loaded with peace, hope, happiness and freedom

This is the second knowledge system

This knowledge is found deep within the heart of Man

You have to look inwards and journey on the path of seekers, dreamers and lovers

This is the path of Light where everything is unfolded into nothingness

The true taste of existence is nothingness

And nothingness is the awareness of all possibilities

This is the highest state of consciousness

The beginning and the end are the same

There is no me, you and them

Just Mankind totally submerged in Love

This is the covenant of Love

The second knowledge system is unconditional Love

This is the TRUTH


©Kenneth Maswabi



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