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This poem is a wake up call

Poem: The Two Realities


The branches of consciousness are firmly grounded

The roots of our being are totally submerged in the spirit of God

But the illusion is emerging from the shadow of our consciousness (ego)

The creation of a new mind-set with attachments to the illusion is gaining speed

The blatant declaration of war on the truth fills the skies of humanity

The two realities are clearly not reflections of each other

The tree of life is forever solid in its foundations

And the illusion is a masquerade in the garden of existence

A make-belief world of falsehoods, deception and lies

All in the name of selfishness and wickedness

It is true that the illuminated fibre of consciousness is beautiful

But there is a dark shadow in the background

It is this shadow of consciousness that wants to be the seat of power

It is the fabrication of the story of life that forms the basis of its foundation

It is a temple for those who are lost in the wilderness of the spirit

It is an intoxicating condition of the mind

It is an abomination in the eyes of God

The branches of consciousness are the pedestal of hope

The illusion is the dark cloud that begets evil

It is true mankind has been divided over a long time

From politics, economics, religion and common sense

Mankind has long lost his beautiful facial expression of Love

Sedated by the substance of knowledge, power and control

Mankind fell into the abyss of selfishness and wickedness

He started cultivating suffering, poverty and hatred in the garden of existence

He erected a monument of despair in the eyes of the poor and vulnerable

He broke the covenant of unconditional Love

Forsaking the tenets of the path of Light

Forgoing his sacred crown of beauty and majesty

But this time around something formidable is emerging from the shadows of our foolishness

A monster is encapsulating our minds

A new form of reality is taking hold deep in some people’s psyche

A true horror of immense proportion is unfolding

For the first time, Mankind is truly in danger

It is time for each and every person

To undress themselves of this wicked entity

And be naked inside the tabernacle of being

It is time to swallow our pride and follow the path of the everlasting life

This is not a warning, it is sorrow displayed on the canvas of poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi





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