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This poem is a vehicle of life

Poem: The uninitiated


In the eyes of the uninitiated

Life is a vehicle with no wheels

Some will get it moving

Using their innovative minds or hard work

Others will push it on the ground

And get themselves tired

While politicians, capitalists and economists

Will get others to pull it

The spiritual person sees no vehicle at all

Just life with pockets of challenges

Around its wheels of freedom

The spiritual person will add his spirit to life

And liberate the vehicle of life from its physicality

The vehicle of life will not be dependent on wheels

Or the innovative mind of man

Not even hard work

It will not be dependent on the exploitation of others

It will be solely dependent on the fruits of the spirit

Peace, hope, happiness and Love

Gentleness, humility, compassion and faith

These are the true drivers of life

Not money, wealth or poverty

Not even political ideologies or religious dogma

There is no fuel of life outside the spirit of God

Life was never meant to be a competition

Or a race of some sort

It was never meant to exploit our diversity of colour

Or different mental capabilities

Or even our gender differences

Life was never meant to pollute the world

Or create an unequal society

Life gives to a fly all its needs

How can life be cruel to Man?

Life gives the mosquito the power to fly

How can life deny the poor man just one meal a day?

It is the terrible things done by Man

The selfishness, hatred and wickedness

That make life a vehicle with no wheels


©Kenneth Maswabi





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