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This poem removes the curtain from the window of the unknown

Poem: The unknown is not a hideout


I have a little secret

It is not from anywhere special

Or from anyone I know

It is a dream I had

A fountain of beauty stays hidden

Inside my non-academic eye

I have to let go of my thoughts

And wander into the realm of the unknown

This is not a restricted area

It is a place of abundance

Not many people dare to come here

Only because you have to be “you”

And only the true “you” can be allowed inside

Many people are afraid of their nakedness

It is not that they are hiding scars or their broken heartedness

They are afraid of the unknown

It is the fear of the unknown

That separates you from your true self

You have to undress yourself of any fear

And be willing to drink from the river of love

Don’t hold onto any attachments

Just let go of your ugliness

The fermentation of your solid thoughts

Causes so much pain and sorrow

The degradation of your inner beauty

Causes the putrid smell of your emotions

There is no decay inside the real you

There is only beauty, happiness, peace, freedom and Love

The unknown is not a hideout

It is a place of refreshment and nourishment

It is a sanctuary for the spirit

A place of rest for the body, mind and soul

Now, it is your turn

To come inside the substance of consciousness

And be re-absorbed into your being

This is not a dream


©Kenneth Maswabi



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