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This poem speaks about the priceless substance of life.

Poem: The Value of Life

Life was never intended to be labelled

Poor, rich, educated, black, white, Christian, Muslim

Professor, doctor, teacher, farmer, counsellor

All these man-made construction are the source of strife

The classification of life led to inequality, racism, tribalism…

Wars are fought because of political, racial and religious ideologies

Inequality is stretched because of selfishness, materialism and power

The wise man or woman does not value titles, identities and achievements

The substance of being is the only valuable part of human life

To love, hope and dream fall under the priceless list of possessions

To cry, laugh and dance fall under the priceless list of actions

I have seen people accumulate lots of achievements only to succumb to depression

Or even worse – suicide

Covid-19 disease does not spare one’s life because of the list of achievements or titles

I have seen many young people suffer mental distress because of lack of spiritual nourishment

Life was never intended to be labelled, just to be held in the palm of being

And nourished with the fruits of the spirit

To be humble, gentle, kind, compassionate and peaceful add more value to your life than wealth

It’s the spirit that is cultivated, enriched and freed

The value of life is not found in a big house, bed or car

Envy, wickedness and fear won’t get you anywhere

Corruption, greed and deceit won’t bring you happiness

The value of life is a priceless state of the spirit

Happiness, peace and Love are markers of a flourishing spirit

It’s more important to possess a loving heart than a wallet full of cash

It’s during times like these (Covid-19 pandemic) when the truth is illuminated

It’s beautiful to die with a heart full of love than a list full of unmet expectations

Life was never meant to be attached to one’s IQ or access to resources

Life was always intended to be enjoyed by everyone

Regardless of status in life or location in the world

Life is a beautiful substance

That does not need to be tainted with identities, titles and achievements

Or selfishness, materialism and power

The value of life is always in your heart

Look within and find your true self

Cultivate your spirit day and night

Be in Love and be the Love

Stand on the pedestal of Hope

Enjoy the happy moments

Laugh and laugh some more

Drink from the river of life

With unconditional Love in your heart

Life is an everlasting oasis of happiness and peace

Even death cannot subtract anything from you


©Kenneth Maswabi

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