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This poem describes the perimeter of hopelessness.

Poem: The vile and turmoil of logic


They fed us with venom

Not to kill us

But to fool and maim us

Now we are walking the streets of life

Not knowing the true purpose of life

We bite and swallow everything from the pot of materialism

We are full of judgement and recklessness

We have labelled others as poor, ugly and vulnerable

Yet we are not certain of tomorrow

We are surrounded by uncertainty

We have allowed sorrow to nest in our hearts

Loneliness is our daily cup of misery

We are full of fear and hopelessness

We are afraid of the dark

Because we have been fed horror stories

We have been told that nothing beautiful comes from darkness

Yet we are all clothed with darkness

Our eyes are not ready to see the Light

We are even afraid of Silence

As it’s the realm of the unknown

We have to be emptied of the vile and turmoil of logic

Let us learn to dream and walk on the path of hope

We have to swallow our pride

And find our true purpose in life

Surely we are not on this earth to accumulate money

Or to be full of envy and hate

Not even to recite scripture or paraphrase the Holy Books

We are the pedestal of hope

We have to climb onto the seat of Love

And we will see the summit of existence

It’s not the equations that will get us there

It is faith, hope and Love

The true navigational points along the path of Light

©Kenneth Maswabi


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