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This poem is heartfelt letter to poetry.

Poem: The Way of Poetry


In the numerous times

That you proposed to me

You never said a word

But your Love was palpable

Your intentions even though unknown

Were written in my heart

Your love even though unsaid

Was announced inside my being

You came at awkward moments

Just to hold my hand

You visited me in my dreams

Just to be my guardian angel

You were always in my mind

But I didn’t know you existed

You found your way into my being

Even though I had locked all doors

You punctured the thick shell of my ego

And let me out of my misery

You loosened all my entanglements

And made me free to roam the sky of eternity

You truly wiped away my tears

And made happiness my abode

You removed the fear in my heart

Through your unconditional Love

You gave me hope

Not out of pity

But out of true Love

You whispered your poems into my being

And I heard them through my heart

You ignited a deep passion in my being

And I became your lover

Your everlasting fire burns in me

Because your ways are full of mystery

I have learnt to be your perfect companion

Not asking too many questions

I have learnt the language of Silence

You became my path of Light

And I became your beautiful maiden


©Kenneth Maswabi




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