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This poem is my job description as a Spirit Poet.

Poem: The work of poetry


I have been employed by the school of poetry

To be the gatekeeper at the faculty of the spirit

I have to be still on this pedestal of hope

I have to listen to the flow of life

As it sways from one dimension to the other

I have to open the gates to the dimensionless realm

To allow the sacred light to be poured on the streets of life

It is this light that brings hope to the bowl of existence

Even in times of chaos and uncertainty

When the winds of hopelessness are blowing

When fear dresses the heart of mankind

I have to unbutton my heart

And let the Silence within be my guide

I have to submerge myself in nothingness

And be the anchor of life

This is my job description

It is not my duty to judge

Or spread fear and confusion

It is my job to be the pedestal of hope

To bring healing to the heart of man

To undress the spirit

And address the house of humanity

I am a Spirit Poet


©Kenneth Maswabi



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