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This poem is an exploration of the vast world of poets.

Poem: The world of poets


It’s not the surface of this world that poets inhabit

It’s a vast world of words, thoughts and emotions

It’s not only the physical world that touches their psyche

It’s an elaborate world of sounds, colours, contours and silence

It’s the substance of words and the fabric of silence

That envelops their minds

Not to tickle the faculty of reason

But to induce a state of being outside logic

To undress the many facets of existence

And address the deep longing in our hearts

Poets are explorers in vast realms or dimensions

Poets are excavators deep underneath and above our daily enterprises

Poets are fully conscious of the madness of poetry

But yet they are pulled by a stronger sense of knowing

They are attracted to the deepest parts of being

And enjoy the taste of exotic flavours

Not limited to the five senses

But unlimited in their soothing characters

Poets are human beings

That chose to stand at the perimeter of consciousness

And hold the fibre of being

Listening for the sounds of the unknown

Absorbing the sounds of the known

In an ecstasy far beyond reason

The world of poets is found inside all of us

The world of poets is a canvas of existence


©Kenneth Maswabi



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