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This poem is a dream.

Poem: The world outside


Like a gigantic pothole

Gaping mouth ready to swallow me whole

The world outside looks like a scary place

But wait a minute, where am I and who am i?

I am a walking, talking dream

That has found its way around the rim of the night

Into the bright skies of tomorrow

I am struggling to adjust to my new found freedom

Everything looks suspicious and delicious at the same time

My head is bloated after I ate a sour dish of hallucinogenic nightmares

My mind is a cacophony of thoughts and emotions

Like a new found sport, I am attracted to a golden moment beyond my sight

Walking, talking like a madman

I am following the exciting footsteps of material wealth

Where am i? How am i?

I am blinded by my search, totally lost in my quest

I am like a whisper on the corridor of life

Very fragile, yet full of secrets

I feel like flying, even though my wings are still wet

I am a dream that never left its perch

But I am very far away from my porch

I have to gather my achievements

And be one with the requirements

I have to find the folder for my expectations

And list all my needs, wants and desires

I am confused by all the restrictions

Why should I be shackled to this prescription?

I am flabbergasted by this conscription

It is a conspiracy to deny me my freedom

I don’t belong here

I am going back to my realm

It was a vacation cut short by the rigid surface of this world

The world outside looks amazing

But it’s full of rules, needs, wants and desires

I can’t take it any more


©Kenneth Maswabi




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