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This poem looks at life in the year 2020.

Poem: The world right now


It’s not a beautiful veil

That hides the firmament of your heart

It’s the blanket of sorrow that wraps around your life

It’s not the explosion of peace

That shrouds your existence

It’s the combustion of sorrow

That fills your life with tears

It’s not the blossoming trees of life

That covers the canopy of your mind

It’s the sail of uncertainty

That hides your laughter

It’s not the vast blue sky

That dominates your thoughts

It’s the river of tears

That floods your life with pain

It’s not the yelling in the streets

That spoils your day

It’s the terrible news of a million deaths

That submerges you in sorrow

It’s not the brightness of the sun

That gives you warmth

It’s the hope inside your heart

That fuels your life

The world right now

Looks gloom and miserable

Let’s all be the funnel of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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